Consign Your RV

Many of our RVs are owned by private individuals who don't use their motorhome enough and are looking ways to offset the expense.


Our simple plan:

  • We rent out your RV to vacationing families whenever you are not using it.
  • We split the rental fees
  • The income you earn  can be enough to help offset your monthly payments including insurance, registration, maintenance, etc and even put some extra money in your pocket!
  • Creates a viable and legal business tax deduction.
  • We will store your RV, maintain it in the same condition we received it, make any repairs and give you a detailed monthly statement and all year end reports & forms for tax purposes.
  • Additonal tax benefits from RV depreciation - talk to your accountant for details to see your qualifications.
  • Bottomline is: you enjoy your RV same as before but you now have a professional company taking care of it for rental income and for your use! All the RV benefits but without any hassle.

Give us a call to find out more and we will gladly send you referrals from existing owners and a complete detailed Consigment Agreement for your approval.  We operate a very tranparent business and we work hard for your and the customer's satifaction.  Have a look at our reviews on Yelp for an indication of the kind of service you will receive by being part of our fleet.


Don't let your RV just sit, consign it!


Adventure KT



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