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Got Questions?

Got Questions? Are you renting for the first time?

We want you to have to have an easy and hassle free experience when planning your RV vacation. Whether you have simple questions on how to rent an RV or where your can pick up your RV, we will do our best to make sure your vaction starts now! If you don't see your question here - contact us and we would be happy to explain or answer any questions.

  • RV renting is by the night just like your campground or when you book a hotel room. Your RV will be ready for you by 2pm on your first night - just like checking into a hotel room. You need to return it to us the morning after your last night no later than 11am - just like checking out of your hotel. An just like a hotel, you can call us and ask for a late check out (RV return). The hotel front desk will usually say no problem for a late check out if the room is not booked out that night. We are the same but if the RV is rented back out that night we must be firm with an 11am return. No one wants to ruin the start of another family's vacation by returning late. You will find us very flexible on times as long as it doesn't interfere with another customer's vacation. In the peak summer months we do sell out and most days are booked so it's very hard for us to accomodate early pick up and late returns. If you feel you will need the extra time in the summer, it is best to book the night(s). You will also get the extra miles as well which can offest other costs.
  • Not initially to make the reservation. But with 24 hours after your reserve an RV we will usually require the downpayment to confirm the reservation. Without a downpayment the reservation will fall out of the system usually within 48 hrs to free the RV up for other customers. Downpayments are 20% of your reservation or $500 for RVs and $300 for trailers - which ever is greater. The downpayment is applied to your your total balance and subject to cancellation policy.
  • Adventure KT does not insure the RV once you drive off of the lot. You, the renter, need to provdie an Insurance Binder from your personal auto carrier. It is an easy, free and simple process from the following providors: 21st Century, AAA, Allstate, Farmers, State Farm, USAA, Wawanesa and a few others. We will provide you with all the forms necessary to obtain the binder from your carrier. If you cannot obtain an Insurance Binder by choice or your carrier does not offer (Gieco, Progressive, etc) then your reservation payments will be processed by a 3rd party who will provide full insurance for you and the RV and provide Insurance Cards for your trip. This insurance carries a $1500 damage deductible. The cost of this service is minimal and runs 10% of your nightly rate. So for our fleet vehicles that can be as low as $10/night to $35/night for complete coverage. Either way - Insurance is necessary and helps create worry and stress free vacations!
  • We do have a cancellationn policy. The main reason is to keep RVs from being blocked out just in case someone needs them and then cancels if they don't. This keeps the reservation schedule valid and fair for all our customers. Our policy is: From the date of reservation and up to 30 days before departure, Adventure KT will refund the down payment amount less a $50 processing fee. If cancelled within 30 days of departure but more than 7 days from departure, 50% of down payment amounts will be refunded. If cancelled within 7 days of departure no refunds will be given and entire rental amount will be processed. Please allow 14 days to process any refund.
  • Pets are allowed in most our rentals. There is a $10 pet fee/day. One one pet is allowed per RV. If your rental is returned with damage, stains or excessive hair due to pets, or pet odor additional charges may apply. Basically we ask that the pet be invisible upon return for bith sight and smell. Many of our customers have allergic reactions to pets and we nned to accomodate them as well as our Pet friendly customers. We charge $95 cleaning fees with a one hour minimum per occurrence if needed. A $200 fee will be added if the Pet was not disclosed. Any excess fees will be deducted from security/damage deposit.
  • Yes we do. We can deliver and pick up a RV or trailer to most local campsites as well as delivery to your house vs you coming and picking up. Delivery and pick up prices vary by location but usually range between $95-$135 for both. Ask for our Concierge Service to have your RV delivered and fully loaded with everything from Kitchen, Bedding & linens and Outdoor Camping supplies for the ultimate camping experience!
  • If we are delivering to a local campsite, we usually delivery between noon and 2pm. You can then check into your campground at 2pm and your RV will be ready for you all set up and hooked up. We will be back to tear down and pick up between 10-11am as we need to have your campsite cleaned out by noon and the RV/trailer ready for the next renter later that day.
  • Yes. We ask that you clean the RV or Trailer in the same visual condition in which you received it on the inside. Most important is you must remove all trash, food and personal belongs. Please use the supplied brooms and cleaners to broom sweep all excess dirt and wipe down all sinks, counters and the refrigerator. Excess dust and dirt will require additional cleaning and extra cleaning fees may apply.
  • Only if they are not 100% empty. You are required to completely empty both gray and black tanks before retuning to our facility. On short trips many people prefer to have us do it for them upon return and prepay a $55 dump fee. If not prepaid, and tanks are not completely emptied, a $95 dump and sanitation fee will be deducted from security/damage deposit.
  • Most RV's have awnings. Awnings can be a tricky piece of equipment. Please have experience in awning use before using or make sure you ask and test out the awning(s) in your pre-departure walk through. Damage by use to an awning may not be cover by insurance unless cause is related to an accident, please check your insurance carefully. You are responsible for all damage to awnings whether covered by insurance or not.
  • Most units do come with TVs, DVD Players, and Sound System. Please see the vehicle description or contact us for the specifics of the vehicle your are interested in reserving. Please note that most TVs will require your generator to be on or for you to be hooked up to the camp electrical system. For TV/video watching while enroute we do recommend private view systems such as laptops or iPads devices.
  • 100 MILES are included for every night booked and paid for at full price. For example a 7 night rental would include 700 miles at no additional costs. Additional miles are charged as follows for all rentals 5 nights or more: the first 250 miles over included mileage are charged at $0.35/mile, next 250 are charged at $0.55/mile. Any miles over 500 over included mileage are charged at $0.99-$1.49/mile depending on vehicle. For all rentals 4 nights or less: the first 125 miles over included mileage are charged at $0.35/mile, next 125 are charged at $0.55/mile. Any miles over 250 over included mileage are charged at $0.99-$1.49/mile depending on vehicle. Our Online Booking system will calculate out any extra miles charges so you can clearly see all extra costs.
  • All RVs and Trailer rentals come with a mandatory Prep, Cleaning and Starter Package. This packaged fee gives you the RV exceptionally clean and sanitized and all the following supplies:
    1 - 25’ Potable Water hose
    1 - 90 degree elbow for better water hose connection to RV
    1- Pressure regulator for water hose connection to water source (use for full hook ups, not necessary to fill tanks)
    1- 15’ Septic Hose with 90 degree elbow and screw in ground fitting
    1 - 15’ Septic hose riser
    1 - set of Leveling blocks - enough for 2 wheels
    1 - enough sanitation gloves for your trip
    1-8 - Septic drop ins (enough for up to 5 nights)
    1-6 - Rolls of special RV toilet tissue  (enough for up to 5 nights)
    1 - Spray bottle of Organic Simple Green Counter and Kitchen Spray Cleaner
    1 - New Kitchen Sponge
    1 - New roll of Paper towels
    1 - small bottle of Dish Soap
    1 - Dish Drying Rack
    1 - Long Stem Lighter
    1 - Hand Broom
    1 - Dust Pan
    1 - Long Handle Broom
  • The listed nightly price is for the RV to come “bare bones” that is without bedding, towels, kitchen or camp supplies. We can supply and rent just about anything you may need. See Camping/RV Equipment Rentals question for information of available supplies. We do a great job at outfitting for trips and can fully outfit your needs for a great camping vacation.
  • Yes we do. One of our specialties is outfitting trips. Please go to the RV & Camp Gear tab on the website for a look at available rental items. We can set your RV up with everything you will need for your RV vacation from RV kitchen and bedding supplies to outdoor camp needs from BBQs, outdoor cookers, lanterns, tents and sleeping bags! You can select an easy grouped package or select individual items to suit your needs. It’s an easy way to travel completely hassle free - just show up with food and clothes and the rest is set. Just return all items, leave them in the RV and walk away. No need to unpack and unload at home after a long drive home! Upon during your reservation process you will have an opportunity to add the supplies you want.
  • Yes. Mexico is currently not allowed. Desert areas (Death Valley, etc) are not recommended in Summer months as are high elevations or snow country in Winter months. No compensation on any items will be given if traveling to rescricted areas and items malfunction. Severe heat can cause serious issue with house A/C components, tires and engine malfunction. You are responsible. See Terms for complete details.
  • Traveling to Burning Man is available on certain vehicles and must be fully disclosed at time of reservation and subject to mandatory additional cleaning fees, change of nightly rate plan and additonal cash deposit requirements. Any person’s not disclosing Burning Man travel destination will be held liable for all normal Burning Man rates, cleaning fees , and subject to additional non-disclosure fee of $2000. All reservations out for travel during the dates of the Burning Man Festival in late Auguast - biginning of Septmenber will need to sign a Burning Man Disclosure Affidavit before departure. This is a legal affidavit giving us permission to use a tracking GPS device on the RV to enforce the travel restriction and your consent to pay all BurningMan fees based on GPS record. Please call to see affidavit in advance or upon request.
  • Our complete Terms and Conditions are posted on our website. Most of the Terms can also be found in summary form here in the Q&A section.
  • The renter and all additional approved drivers must be 25 years or older.
  • No. The risk of CO2 poisoning can be fatal. While this risk of CO2 poising maybe small, it is not recommended or allowed in our RVs. If you feel you will need generator running all night to power the air conditioning in hot areas we suggest you find a campsite or RV park that has an electrical hookup sufficient to power the AC unit so you will not need the generator.

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