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Available RV Rental in San DiegoAdventure KT RV Rental San Diego is owned and operated by a San Diego local, Jason Suarez, who helps make the outdoors accessible and enjoyable for any traveler or adventurer.

Hi, I’m Jason, and I started operating Adventure KT (Kampfire Tales) because I wanted to help camping friends get quality RV rentals from a local camper. I heard far too many horror stories of people renting from faceless conglomerates. I enjoy meeting all of our customers to help make renting an RV and traveling the West an unforgettable memory. We love when our customers tell us their Kampfire Tales. Yours might even be featured if you want!

To fulfill our mission, we provide high-quality “Class C” and “Class A” RV rental motorhomes and travel trailers throughout San Diego County.

Our RV rental fleet, conveniently located in Santee (East County San Diego), includes a variety of RVs ranging in size and floorplans in order to provide groups and families with everything they need to be comfortable while on a fun adventure.

At Adventure KT RV Rentals, we can accommodate individuals or groups of up to 8 people per RV. Make lasting memories as you travel or camp in Southern California or anywhere you want to go.  Unlike our big box competitors, we include 100 miles per day, with each rental saving you the mileage charges you’d often see when booking with other RV rental companies.

Every year our rental inventory is reviewed and adjusted to ensure a good mix of available RVs for rent so you have a variety of aesthetically and mechanically maintained motorhomes or trailers that meet the highest quality and safety standards.
If you’re thinking of renting an RV I recommend you check out our available RV Rental Fleet now for availability. RVs book up quickly so be sure to reserve yours today!
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Kate HKate H
21:28 28 Jul 23
We had an awesome experience renting a 24’ Class C RV from this company. Very efficient, professional, and friendly service. Our rig was clean and in excellent condition, which was important to us given that we are new to RV’s and were traveling for 2 weeks to the national parks in Northern California. We will be back to rent again, or perhaps purchase one of their used RV’s in the future.
03:23 27 Jun 23
Great company to rent an RV from. Wide selection of RV’s to choose from. Smooth rental pickup and return. Will definitely rent from AdventureKT again.
Rebekah MilhoanRebekah Milhoan
02:11 20 Apr 23
Blake and Jason were so great. Everything was taken care of quickly.
Sam JarvisSam Jarvis
01:42 20 Apr 23
Jason and Blake were professional and kind! Fixed problems with no questions asked and gave excellent service!
Nick Rosenberg.Nick Rosenberg.
18:29 22 Mar 23
Just did my Second rental with Js Adventure. They are top notch and very easy to work with! Tons of motorhomes to choose with a low price! Can’t get any better than that! Thanks again Jason! You rock!
Joe CarrizozaJoe Carrizoza
17:44 28 Feb 23
We had a great time and renting an RV from AdventureKT. It was the best experience we have ever had. We highly recommend renting from them for your vacation and we will be renting again soon!
Henish PulickalHenish Pulickal
15:20 26 Oct 22
I had a great rental experience with these guys. We got a pretty new RV, very good condition, and we had an awesome vacation with my family. They took the time to explain how everything works on the RV and we didn’t have any issues during the rental. Now my wife wants to rent an even bigger RV!
Kunce FamilyKunce Family
21:23 12 Jul 18
We rented the RV and tow vehicle for a two week adventure in Calfornia’s beautiful parks and wine country. I would like to thank Todd and everyone at AdventureKT for making our vaction awesome in so many ways. First, they have great and timely communication from start to finish … I always knew what was going on and had the right info. Second, the RV and vehicle were well maintained and easy to use (even for RV first timers like us!). Third, they have the equipment you need to be outfitted properly with minimum hassle and cost. Last, but no least, they were very accomodating with pick-up and drop-off with service second to none. We will definitely be renting from them again.

Short answer: Average cost to rent an RV is between $100 to $500 per day.

Long Answer: Several crucial factors influence the availability and rates of RV rentals:

  1. The duration of your intended RV rental.
  2. The lead time before making a reservation.
  3. The specific type of RV rental vehicle that you select.
  4. The rental location for the RV. Certain sites may offer more available vehicles and reduced rates.
  5. Be on the lookout for potential RV rental promotions that could reduce your expenses.
    For more info, read our RV Rental Costs article
  1. Driver’s License: You will need a valid driver’s license to rent an RV. Some rental companies may require that you have a certain level of driving experience or a clean driving record.
  2. Age: You must be at least 25 years old.
  3. Insurance: You will need to provide proof of insurance that covers rental vehicles. Some insurance companies will extend your personal policy to the included the RV Rental, in which case we only need a binder. We offer insurance as an add-on option if you need it.
  4. Deposit: A security deposit is required when you rent an RV. The amount of the deposit will vary but is typically $500 for our trailers and $1500 for motorhomes. The deposit is not actually charged to the credit card unless damage or other incidentals occurred. It will show up as a credit hold.
  5. Payment: You will need to pay for the rental upfront.
  6. Return: You will need to return the RV on the agreed-upon date and time and in the same condition as when you received it. Late returns or damage to the RV may result in additional fees.

You must have one seatbelt for every passenger (adult, child or infant) in the RV. The same seatbelt requirements of a passenger car apply to the RV. You can find the number of seatbelts of each RV in the Vehicle Description section of each individual RV page. In most cases the RV floor plan image will also show seatbelt placement in the RV. All infants and children must be appropriately place in a carseat or booster restraint system. If you will be traveling with a carseat passenger we do recommend only renting a RV with forward facing seatbelts in the rear. Some of the RVs have side facing couches only in the rear which are the least safe for carseat/booster travel.


You can easily control the rooftop air conditioner inside your rental motorhome to stay cool and comfortable, especially when the weather outside is hot. The air conditioner can be powered by either connecting to the campground’s power outlet or using the onboard generator outlet. It’s important to note that amenities may vary between different motorhome rentals, and the photo shown may not necessarily represent the exact vehicle you’ll be renting.


Our RV/Marine toilet has a pressurized fresh water tank that provides a more comfortable experience similar to what you have at home. Additionally, the large capacity sewage tank allows you to make fewer stops and is easy to operate. It’s important to note that amenities may differ between various vehicles, and the photo displayed might be from a different vehicle.


As fellow pet lovers, we recognize that families often want to bring their furry friends, especially dogs and cats, along for their vacations. That’s why our RV rental policy is pet-friendly, allowing you to keep your whole family together on your trip.


Cooking meals is a breeze with our high-output gas range top. To use it, simply turn the burner to the “light” position and then use the igniter switch to ignite the burner. It’s an effortless process that anyone can manage. However, it’s worth noting that amenities may differ between various vehicles, and the photo shown could be from a different model.


A microwave oven is included as part of the complete kitchen in each Cruise America motorhome. One of the benefits of traveling in a motorhome is that you don’t have to rely on eating out at restaurants, and a microwave oven can come in handy for preparing snacks or meals on the go. However, please note that amenities may vary between different motorhome models, and the photo shown may not necessarily depict the exact vehicle you’ll be renting.