About Adventure KT

About Us

An RV rental in San Diego, California can help adventuring travelers fulfill some of their dreams. Adventure KT started because it’s founders, Katie and Todd, love to travel and wanted to make the outdoors accessible, comfortable and enjoyable for all types of travelers and explorers.

Our goal is to deliver positive and memorable travel experiences through superior customer service before, during and after each RV rental. The variety of RV’s in the AdventureKT fleet accommodate the comfort and needs of groups ranging from 1-8.

Each vehicle is mechanically and aesthetically maintained against the highest safety and quality standards. Every member of our passionate staff is committed to empowering all travelers with outdoor information, vehicle know-how and roadside assistance that results in confident and happy travelers. If you’re looking for an RV rental in the San Diego, California area, our team is ready to help. 

Consign Your RV

Some of our RV’s are owned by private individuals who don’t use their motorhomes enough and are looking for ways to offset their expenses and still have use. Please give us a call to find out more and we will gladly send you referrals from existing owners, reviews from our customers and a complete detailed Consignment Agreement for your review. We operate a very transparent business and we work hard for you and the customer’s satisfaction.