RV Rental San Diego

About Us

Hi, I’m Jason Suarez, owner of Adventure KT. I have always loved the outdoors, adventure, and building memories with with friends and family. Kate & Todd were the original founders of Adventure KT and I’ve kept their legacy in our name even today. I acquired Adventure KT in May of 2020 and added my fleet of RVs to the existing fleet to have one of the largest and highest quality RV motorhome rental fleets in the San Diego Area.

Jason with his first RV 2013

My life motto is, “Seek Adventure in Life; and help others do the same”. Our goal at Adventure KT is to help provide you with the means to live a fun and adventurous life with our RV vacation rentals, advice, and gear. The more you know and learn about your RV, the more enjoyable the adventure that comes with using it. That’s why we provide manuals, videos and other helpful camping tips and tricks.

Adventure KT helps make the outdoors accessible and enjoyable for any type of traveler or adventurer. In order to fulfill this mission, Adventure KT provides high-quality RV and trailer rentals in San Diego. The rental fleet includes a variety of RVs ranging in size and style in order to provide groups ranging from 1-8 with everything they need to be comfortable as they make memories. Each year we adjust our rental inventory to have a good mix to help serve various customer needs. Each recreational vehicle is aesthetically and mechanically maintained to meet the highest quality and safety standards.