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Best RV Tips for Safely Getting Back on the Road

We are all looking to the future with cautious optimism. Stir-crazy and yearning to make the most of our summer days, it’s natural to wonder whether a responsible RV vacation is possible. While we recommend you first consult your state and local government for guidance as restrictions are gradually lifted, preparing now can result in a safe and memorable RV road trip.

RVing offers the option for travelers to control their vacations during this uncertain time. By choosing an RV for your method of transportation and lodging, you automatically eliminate exposure through air travel, public transportation, and hotel accommodations. Smart social isolation is built in. With an RV, you can control the time and distance you travel, and your travel budget. You can even access more remote destinations with fewer people.

AdventureKT has a detailed protocol in place for cleaning rental units and safely delivering them to you, so you can feel at ease within your home on wheels. Equipped with your RV and all the gear add-ons you need, here are several tips to keep in mind as you get back on the road.

Explore Options Close to Home

Free wild camping in Sierra National Forest, just south of Yosemite National Park
While we all can dream of epic road trips around the country when everything opens up, there are great places to stay locally, as well. For those of us here in Southern California, we’re fortunate to have countless breathtaking destinations in our own region and home state.

We’ve written extensively about some of these options in the past, which you can read about on our blog. Here are links to some of our past trips to get you started. Many of these places are starting to open, so now is the time to plan and book. Or give us a call and we can make suggestions on where you can travel to today!

Remember Everything You Learned From Shelter-in-Place

Relaxing near camp can be a great opportunity to explore nature, spend time with family, and engage in creative activities

Most of us have spent the past few months learning how to protect ourselves and our loved ones. Our perspective has changed, and we should remember everything we’ve learned as we prepare to leave home for our first vacation since COVID-19.

Before the crisis, RVs were usually used as a means to an end. They were a unique mode of transportation between multiple destinations and activities. With what we know now, consider venturing out from your RV rental less than you normally would. Plan for nights around the campfire, movies projected on a sheet outside, nature activities in the woods near camp, and delicious meals at the RV. After everything we’ve been through, just the change in scenery will feel like a novelty!

Rely on Curated, Updated Campground Listings

Campendium is actively tracking campground closures and reopenings

Not all campground listing engines are equal, especially in the age of COVID-19. There have been numerous closures, both temporarily and permanently. Campendium has taken special care to track campground closures–and now, their reopenings–so RV travelers know what to expect.

Confirm Travel Plans at the Source

Most dispersed Bureau of Land Management camping and trails in California are open and available to the public

Whatever you’re researching–campgrounds, tours, or restaurants–don’t believe what you read on the Internet. Campendium offers careful guidance, but the best way to ensure a good experience is to confirm your plans right at the source. 

Is that amazing restaurant open for dine-in service? Are reservations required in advance? These details are changing daily, and some businesses don’t even have time to update their websites. Try to get a live person on the phone before you write your itinerary in pen.

National Park Fanatics, Go Off the Beaten Path

Pinnacles National Park in California has reopened its campground to those with reservations
Yosemite and Yellowstone, 2020 may not be your year. This is the year to opt for a less-visited National Park Service unit. Fortunately, visitors have over 400 options, and they go far beyond the 62 national parks. Battlefields, seashores, historic sites, monuments, and recreation areas offer a stunning range of scenery and history the whole family can appreciate.

The good news is no matter where you go, you may be able to reserve a campground site that would normally be impossible to get. Because international tourism has contracted, the demand for these spots has seen a temporary decrease.

Avoid Unnecessary Risks

State Route 1 through Big Sur is an amazing drive, but always be cautious on narrow and curved roads

This isn’t the time to attempt driving down that muddy forest road or hiking a trail far beyond your normal skill level. As you enjoy your vacation and choose activities, remember first responders and roadside assistance workers don’t need extra work, or exposure, right now.

Safely Getting Back on the Road in an RV

For those who want or need to travel this year, RVing offers the flexibility to socially isolate while adding in the adventure of a road trip. We look forward to answering your questions, helping you plan an itinerary, and equipping you for your RV vacation.

Safe travels!